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My preferred method for booking an appointment is for you to either complete my booking form or to send an email to my encrypted email address at


Advanced booking is recommended.

NO illegal activities

  • I do not smoke or take any drugs. Alcohol included. Please, do not offer me any alcoholic drinks as I will politely decline. 

  • I do not engage in any illegal activity and our interaction will cease immediately should you attempt to discuss such.


  • I value privacy, discretion and respect as well as kindness, honesty, trustworthiness and sincerity.

  • Please be respectful in your correspondence as I do not respond to explicit inquiries, suggestions or innuendos.


  • Anything we do and anything you share with me shall be kept private. Do not discuss me with other people. I give you the same respect in return. 

  • I will always respect our mutual privacy so in the oft chance we run into each other in a social setting, please do not approach me and I shall do the same.

  • I do not send selfies or pictures with my face on it.

Companionship only

  • Please understand that I provide only time and companionship and anything else that occurs is between consenting adults. The investment is for my time only, unrelated to how we may spend it.

Good Manners

  • Chivalry, generosity and good manners are a turn on for me and will be rewarded. 

  • Do not mention the consideration by phone, e-mail, text message or in person.


  • I am verified on multiple platforms including P411 and TRYST so you can feel comfortable contacting me.

  • Screening is mandatory for new friends - no exceptions.

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